Model’s trip to cockpit earns pilots the sack


Buenos Aires: A visit by a famous Argentinean model to the cockpit of an Aerolineas Argentinas jet has landed the pilots in hot water, with both being stood down by the company. The model herself, Victoria Xipolitakis, didn’t escape unpunished, having been banned from flying the carrier for the next five years.

A video was made public last week showing Xipolitakis chatting with the pilots inside the cockpit mid-flight and also being allowed to manipulate some of the controls, clearly breaching all the safety protocol designed to prevent terrorist attacks in the post-9/11 era. The ensuing scandal led to the airline taking swift action, terminating the pilots and imposing the ban on Xipolitakis. In a recent twist, Xipolitakis has now announced her intention to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the pilots involved – which would appear somewhat unlikely to succeed given the video that shows her taking part in the cockpit inspection.