Footballer sent off after receiving finger up the bum


Chile: An unusual but colorful tale from the Copa America 2015 quarter final between Chile and Uruguay, with one player allegedly ‘inserting his finger into another player’s anus’. That’s a phrase you don’t get to write too often.

As the story was reported in The Independent, Chilean player Gonzalo Jara was the alleged perpetrator, with the victim the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani. To make matters even more murky, Jara dived onto the pitch shortly after, claiming the Cavani had pushed him. Understandably, Cavani was not impressed with this turn of events at all, and his ensuing frustration earned him a second yellow card for the match, sending him off the ground. However, following the match (which Chile won, by the way), Jara received a ban for the rest of the tournament with two potential matches left to play. Chile will play Peru later today for a spot in the final, where they will meet either Argentina or Paraguay. All players have their fingers crossed there will be no more funny business!