Argentine rescued after 2 weeks trapped in Chilean bar basement


Buenos Aires: In news bearing more than a passing resemblance to Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tale, The Cask of Amontillado, an Argentine man has been rescued after spending two weeks trapped in the basement of a Chilean-themed bar in Buenos Aires’ Palermo district.

The man attended the bar to watch the Copa América final between Argentina and Chile on July 4. The majority of the guests at the venue were Chilean, and it’s not immediately clear why the Argentine national chose a Chilean bar to watch the game. In any event, he was reportedly despondent following the penalty shootout which resulted in Chile’s victory. CCTV footage of the bar revealed the man ordered a large bottle of fernet after the loss and proceeded to polish it off in record time. The venue’s camera failed to capture what happened next, but investigators believe the man mistook the door to the basement for the exit in his drunken stupor and fell down a flight of stairs.

In another case of bad luck, the owner of the bar decided to close the venue and return to his hometown in Chile to join the Copa victory celebrations, and the unlucky Argentine woke from his hangover locked underground with no cell phone reception. When the bar’s owner returned to Buenos Aires after two weeks he was shocked to find the Argentine man trapped in the basement – and even more dismayed to find he had drunk his way through half of the well-stocked cellar to survive. It is believed the prisoner quaffed over ARS$650,000 worth of vintage wines during his captivity. The unlucky Argentine has been admitted into an alcoholic rehabilitation program but is expected to make a full recovery.