Male backpacker in Perth solves ride share shortage by pretending to be girl


A 23-year old British backpacker who had been struggling for nearly a week to find a lift from Perth to Sydney hit upon a brilliant solution to his dilemma after noticing how easy it was for female backpackers to get a ride. The man, named Daniel, adopted the persona of a female named ‘Danielle’, and responded to ride share advertisements claiming he was a girl.

Surprisingly, the move paid off, with ‘Danielle’ receiving three ride share offers within 24 hours. “I had noticed that several girls at the hostel found rides within hours of posting advertisements,” commented Daniel, who was confused as to why his advertisement posted days earlier had received zero responses. “It struck me that being a female might make it easier to get a lift, so I created a profile as Danielle instead.” Daniel was in for a big surprise hours later, after checking his email and receiving three offers from other backpackers travelling to Sydney. “One of the groups that accepted ‘Danielle’ was a group of three German guys that already rejected my first email using my real details, saying their car was already full,” noted Daniel.

However, ‘Danielle’s’ scheme to make finding a lift easier hasn’t gone completely smoothly. “I arranged to get a lift with two guys Brazilian guys,” he said. “However, when they pulled up at the hostel, they refused to let me in their car, claiming that I’d tricked them and was an untrustworthy travel partner.” Daniel realized that just changing his name to ‘Danielle’ wasn’t enough. “I decided to try again, but this time I also wore a dress and heels, and one of the girls at the hostel slapped some makeup on me.” This time, ‘Danielle’ passed the inspection of a group of French backpackers, and Daniel was on his way to Sydney.

“It was all going well until we stopped for the night outside Kalgoorlie,” he sighed. “I was half asleep when I felt a hand in my sleeping bag. Luckily I had time to tuck my equipment between my legs before it was discovered.”