Chinese backpacker fired from Auckland brothel after terrible mix-up


A 22-year old female Chinese national has had her contract at an Auckland brothel terminated after a terrible misunderstanding last weekend. The incident has been blamed on the woman misinterpreting a request from the client, potentially due to language difficulties.

The Chinese woman, who had been backpacking through New Zealand on a working holiday visa, had been in Auckland since Novemeber 2015 and took employment at the Karangahape Road business to replenish her funds for further travel. According to sources familiar with the case, the woman had been paid a lucrative fee of $300 per hour, and averaged 35 hrs per week. “She was a very hard worker,” revealed the brothel’s owner, who declined to be named. “Most of our other girls only put in about 20 hours a week, but she was always asking for overtime.” However, despite the strong work ethic of the backpacker, the owner revealed there were often some minor issues caused due to the language barrier. “Her command of English was not strong, and several clients mentioned she often either misheard or misunderstood their requests.”

Matters came to a head on February 28, when the girl was booked with a 56-year old local man. “I was in the office when I heard a commotion inside one of the rooms,” revealed the brothel’s owner. “I immediately summoned two of our security guards and we rushed to the scene of the disturbance.” Inside the room, there was a frightful scene: the customer was frantically wiping a brown substance from his face. “I said ‘sit on my face’!” he shouted, “Sit! Not shit!”