Brisbane man who joined halal food boycott found starved to death


A 33-year old male from Brisbane has been reportedly found dead by housemates at his Woodridge property this weekend. Preliminary indications are that the man starved to death, although investigators are puzzled at how this could be possible, given the fridge and pantry at the property were well-stocked with food. According to colleagues of the man, who was employed at a local warehouse as a forklift driver, he was a member of a Facebook group promoting a boycott of Halal products.

The man’s supervisor at work had been growing increasingly concerned about the employee’s welfare for some time. “He’s been steadily losing weight over the past twelve months,” noted the boss. “About three months ago I found him in the tea room going through everyone’s lunches. I asked him what he was up to, and he said he was pulling out anything that was halal certified.” A colleague of the deceased man revealed he had been trying to get other employees at the warehouse to join his halal boycott. “I told him my missus does all the shopping, and I haven’t got any clue what’s halal and what’s not,” said the colleague, who revealed after this admission the deceased man refused to acknowledge him at work. “Something had really gotten up his goat.”

Housemates of the deceased man said they’d had to ban him from their weekly shopping trip because he was rejecting every item they put into the trolley. “I said to him it’s fine if you want to boycott halal, but can’t you just let us eat what we want?” noted Ms Hull, who had lived at the Woodridge property with the man for the past few years. “He got mad and threw a block of cheese at our other housemate, so we didn’t invite him to go shopping with us again.” Ms Hull went on to mention the man spent all his time at the house in his room, where he was known to comment on Facebook groups about boycotting halal. “I had to unfriend him because I kept getting notifications when he commented on some new product he’d found that was halal.”

Tragically, the man’s obsession with avoiding halal food appears to have been closely linked to his demise. “He would never join us for meals any more,” noted Ms Hull, who tried on several occasions to leave food in the man’s room for him while he was at work, only to find it thrown in the garbage later. “I was really worried that he was going to waste away without eating anything, so I started searching for non-halal products at the shops,” said a tearful Ms Hull. “Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything.”