Australia’s first ‘free brothel’ coming soon – but there’s a big catch


The Western Australian capital of Perth may soon be the home of the country’s first ‘free brothel’, with a plan for a venue to be opened which offers completely free services to all clients. Instead of charging customers, the brothel will borrow the same business model adopted in 2005 by a Czech-based firm, which broadcast live videos from within the rooms on the internet to generate a profit.

“The Big Sister brothel operated in Prague from 2005 to 2010,” commented an investor in the Perth-based project. “During that time, guests signed a contract allowing the company to broadcast their visit to the brothel live on the internet, and some of the best performers were even featured on a highlights reel DVD produced annually.” The investor went on to mention that “[the Czech] business was hugely successful, and we believe Perth is the ideal location in Australia to start a similar operation. In particular, with the challenges faced by the mining sector, this could well offer employees that have been made redundant a way to relieve their stress.” The consortium behind the plan to open the first free brothel in Australia is currently conducting inspections in the West Australian capital to find a suitable location for the business. “There are a number of attractive sites which we’ve visited, and we hope to make a decision by the end of March.”

While the project sounds almost too good to be true, there is one important condition which prospective clients must take into account. “As you can imagine, our business model relies heavily on producing quality video content,” noted the investor. “For that reason, we impose a rule that all men visiting the brothel can only enjoy free services if they last at least 30 minutes without coming, to ensure the videos produced are of a decent length.”

Reaction from the general public to the plan has been mixed, with men generally in favour of the idea but women less positive. “Personally I think it’s a great concept,” commented a 28-year old male construction worker from Kwinana. “I’ll be sure to make a reservation once it opens for business.” In contrast, the opinion of a 43-year old female dental technician in Doubleview was less favourable. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to encourage men to visit a brothel,” she said, before adding “Although, if the guys have to last 30 minutes to get it for free, I’m not too worried about my husband being a customer.”