Woman refuses to pay after four-hour seafood buffet; says Jesus will pick up tab

The woman's prayers were left unanswered on this occasion

Myrtle Beach: Police responded to a call from Bennett’s Calabash Seafood Buffet restaurant after a female patron reportedly refused to pay her bill after a four-hour feast. The uncooperative diner told restaurant staff that she had no money on her, and that ‘Jesus’ would cover the check.

The disgruntled diner, reported by WTSP to be 51-year old April Lee Yates, had been enjoying the seafood banquet for over four hours before restaurant staff intervened and asked her to pay up and leave after causing a disturbance with other guests. Ms Yates apparently refused the order, and claimed to have no cash on her. Police were called, and Ms Yates told the officers she had no money when she had arrived at the restaurant hours earlier. Officers then asked her what she was planning to do to cover the check, with the diner reportedly mentioning someone would pay the bill for her. When she was asked who, she replied, “Jesus.”

Unfortunately for Ms Yates the son of God did not intervene and her unpaid bill landed her under arrest. She was taken by police to Myrtle Beach Jail.