Vancouver brothel visit ruined after Canadian man hires his own wife


A 41-year old Vancouver man has been unpleasantly surprised after arranging a session with a prostitute at a Kingsway brothel on Friday evening. Unknown to the client, his female companion for the evening turned out to be none other than his wife of 8 years.

The terrible mix-up occurred after the man made a Friday night appointment at the Kingsway establishment and was told his regular girl was unavailable. The receptionist was apologetic but mentioned that a new employee had recently been hired who was receiving rave reviews from a number of clients. “Book me in!” said the man, and the wheels were set in motion for a fateful meeting later that evening. After being ushered into a vacant room at the venue, the man showered and was relaxing on the bed when the door swung open and his own wife entered the room. The couple reportedly froze for several moments before the wife reacted first, emitting a shrill scream and taking off her 9-inch heel, hurling it at her husband’s rapidly-deflating package.

The man angrily stormed out of the room and tried to exit the venue, where he was detained by a large security guard for failing to settle his bill of CAD$400. After a heated discussion with the brothel’s manager, he was able to negotiate a discount and only had to pay CAD$200 for the brief encounter with his wife.