US Marshal busted after having sex on roof of Federal Court


Harrisburg: “Justice, Integrity, and Service” is the motto of the US Marshal’s service. We’re not sure if “Don’t get caught having intercourse on the rooftop of a federal building” is going to be added to that in the future following news that a US Marshal was caught doing just that with another participant in downtown Harrisburg recently.

According to reports, the pair were spotted on the roof of Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse ‘engaging in sexual acts’. According to US Marshal’s spokesperson Tony Nelson, “An initial inquiry has determined that one of the individuals involved is an employee of the United States Marshals Service. Given this fact, the incident is under further investigation and it will be handled in accordance with USMS policy. In the meantime, we are confident that the security integrity of the courthouse is intact.” It’s not clear at this point if it was the male or female participant in the romp that was the US Marshal.

It’s against the editorial policy of Batty Post to share with you risque images such as those involved in a story such as this. However, curious readers can consult ABC 27’s package, which features some heavily blurred but fascinating shots of the rooftop shenanigans. Looks like it was a sunny day, I do hope they applied sunscreen on the relevant parts before their encounter!