Tree snatchers strike at Bonsai Museum


Seattle: It was a heist with a difference – no cash or priceless jewels were snatched, but the thieves did get away with one item: 60-year-old bonsai tree from Seattle’s Pacific Bonsai Museum.

According to a report by the Federal Way Mirror, the tree burglars set off an alarm at the museum at 4:20 am after lifting the bonsai from its pedestal. The tree stolen in the raid was a San Jose Juniper, and had been in the museum’s collection since it opened back in 1989. The museum curator, Aarin Packard, was understandingly not impressed with the robbery, but offered an amnesty if the thieves were to return their plundered vegetation: “This tree has been cared for every day for over 60 years, and if that daily care doesn’t continue the tree will die,” said Packard. “These living works of art are the result of the care provided by multiple generations. However, it’s not too late for it be returned, no questions asked, so we can make sure this tree will be around for another 60 years.”