Thief plucks 80-year-old’s beets & carrots; green raspberries unharmed


Vernon: It was a rude shock for an 80-year-old lady in a small town in British Columbia when she discovered a healthy-eating thief had helped themselves to a tasty selection of beets and carrots from her vegetable patch.

The Vernon resident had invested a lot of time and energy in planting and nurturing the produce, and it was almost time for harvest when she discovered they had suddenly gone missing, along with her picking bucket. In addition to the beets and carrots, the burglars also helped themselves to all the raspberries – but carefully left the green ones behind. As can be imagined, the family of the woman is outraged, and rightly so – stealing from anybody is a shameful crime, particularly when the victim is elderly. The victim’s daughter had this to say:

“This woman has a sore back and pains and aches galore after working in the garden daily. She is in pain yet she nurtures the garden for one reason only: to enjoy the fruits of it.” One hopes that the thieves will do the right thing and return their bounty – that is, along as they haven’t already cooked it up and eaten it all.

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