Reports of a serial butt grabber on the loose in Charlotte, North Carolina


Residents in Charlotte, NC have taken to social media to share reports of having their behinds grabbed in a string of random gropings across the city. Somewhat unusually, the victims in this crime so far have all been men, and the majority of those reporting having their butts ‘slapped, pinched or tickled’ claim the culprit was a middle-aged female.

“I was waiting in line at the grocery store when all of a sudden I felt my ass firmly squeezed,” wrote one 33-year old male resident of Smallwood. “In shock, I turned around, worried that I’d been the target of a homosexual. Instead, I saw a woman who must have been in her early 40s grinning and walking away quickly.” The man noted it was the first time he’d ever experienced unwanted butt contact in public. “I felt incredibly embarrassed and violated,” he wrote. Another report of an unauthorized ass grab was made by a 25-year old Windsor Park man, who experienced a grope while washing his car on the front lawn of his parent’s house. “I was bending over to polish the fender when I felt a couple of quick slaps on my butt,” reported the man. Once again, he turned around to witness a middle-aged female leaving the scene quickly on a bicycle.

Local women have weighed into the debate about the mystery groper, noting that the publicity received in this case is surprising, given the high frequency of women receiving unwanted physical attention at the hands of males. “I guess this lady must have suffered plenty of ass-grabbing from males in her younger years, and maybe she’s just trying to even up the score a little. More power to her!” wrote one female resident of Paw Creek on a local Facebook group. For the moment, men across Charlotte are living in fear until the butt slapper is brought to justice.