Portland garbage truck mistaken for food cart; customers line up for hours


A municipal garbage truck which was parked on Alder Street overnight due to a flat tire has become an unlikely hit on the city’s food cart scene, with customers mistaking the vehicle for an organic food vendor and lining up for over two hours.

A photo of the garbage truck, which was clearly marked with a recycling logo on the side, was posted to Facebook by a 24-year student of the University of Portland, with the caption “Sweet! New vegan food truck opened up near my pad this morning!” It’s not clear if the student was trying to purposely fool people, or just making a joke. However, the photo received over 1,000 likes and was shared hundreds of times by hungry Portlandians excited about the prospect of a new healthy food vendor. By 11:00am there was already a line of people stretching several blocks away to 4th Avenue waiting for the cart to open for business.

City employees arrived at 11:30 am to replace the truck’s flat tire and were utterly confused when the crowd cheered their arrival, asking them “Do you have any opening specials?” and “Are your meals gluten free?” The bemused repair crew soon dispersed the crowd after they explained the true nature of the truck, although not before posing with a number of onlookers for Instagram photos.