Portland eatery under fire amid reports popular vegan burger contains meat


A popular vegan restaurant in Portland has been the subject of a social media backlash, with angry customers reacting to reports that the recipe for its award-winning burger contains meat. The scandal began last Friday after a chef posted a selfie taken in the kitchen, revealing what appears to be ground beef, along with cartons of eggs and sliced cheese.

“If this is true, then you will be hearing from my lawyers,” wrote Ms. Tami Gordon, who has been a customer of the restaurant for several years, having become a vegan in 2011. “Absolutely DISGUSTED to find out that your burgers contain MEAT and not soy-based protein which is what you advertised!” wrote Michael Clontz, another long-time customer of the business. Other comments on the kitchen selfie, which was soon removed by the restaurant, noted that there could be an innocent explanation for the meat products in the photo. “Perhaps the restaurant was just filling a special order, it doesn’t prove they use meat in their vegan dishes,” wrote Elmer Robinson of Hazelwood.

Looking back through the restaurant’s online reviews, it is suspicious that so many diners were surprised that the burgers and other dishes did not contain meat. “I’ve never found a vegan burger that tasted so meaty,” wrote one diner in a 2014 review, who went on to mention that “Also the cheese – dairy-free cheese normally gives me horrible diarrhea, but this one tasted amazing and didn’t cause any accidents.” Other diners commented on the consistency of the restaurant’s eggs, which were claimed to be 100% vegan. “I’ve never met a chef who could prepare a vegan poached egg!” wrote one diner.

Until the claims are completely verified, we have decided not to name the restaurant involved. However, in a late development to this story, it has emerged that the business was awarded ‘Customer of the Year 2015’ by a local Portland butcher.