Pittsburgh man decapitates mom’s chihuahua; claims Allah did it


Pittsburgh: In a shocking case of animal cruelty, a 32-year old man has been sent to jail after pleading guilty to decapitating his mother’s chihuahua.

The puppy killer was arrested in February 2015 after police found a machete and butcher’s knife next to the dog in his backyard. Despite being covered in blood and flesh from the 14-month old dog, the killer initially denied he was responsible for the crime. Instead, he reportedly told police that “Allah did it; the Devil did it”. Neither defense stood up in court, with the man sentenced to between 1 to 2 years prison for the execution. He has also been ordered to undergo substance abuse and mental health evaluations. There’s no word on whether his mom has forgiven him after slaying her prized pet.

As the full report from NBC Philadelphia mentions, the fellow is in hot water for some other unlawful behavior, after pleading guilty to corruption of minors and indecent exposure in an unrelated case.