Inmate busted after placing 1,975 collect calls to the same woman


Steuben County: A prisoner at the county jail has been assigned the dreaded ‘double-lock’ status after it was discovered he was placing collect calls to a woman he’d been forbidden to contact. What makes the story notable is that the prisoner, named Buchanan, didn’t try it just once or twice – over a period of four months he placed 1,975 collect calls. Unsurprisingly, all were rejected by the intended recipient.

Buchanan was earlier imprisoned on charges relating to a domestic incident. Following his repetitive calling, he’s now been booked with a charge of first-degree criminal contempt for violating his order not to contact the recipient. According to a deputy at the jail, prisoners are generally free to use the inmate phone as they see fit, although in this case it seems surprising that Buchanan got away with placing an average of 16 calls per day for 4 months before the recipient finally complained to authorities. This in itself appears unusual, although given the domestic nature of the incident one can understand if the victim felt threatened and didn’t want to report the crime.

As mentioned earlier, Buchanan’s antics have placed him into the ‘double-lock’ zone – which means his former privilege of using the inmate phone has now been revoked. WTSP has the full story on this episode.