Colorado makeup firm under fire after reports of offensive cream


A leading cosmetics manufacturer based in Denver, CO has received numerous complaints from consumers across the country involving a popular cream-based makeup product. Customers have taken to social media to post photographs of the product, noting that the cream has been designed in a way that it dispenses in an offensive manner.

“I just used some of your cream on my face this morning, and it came out like this!” complained one angry consumer from Vermont, who shared a photo of the product on her forehead bearing an incredible likeness to a miniature penis. She went on to write: “Is this some kind of sick joke!? Do you think it’s funny to make women put dick shaped cream on their face?” The issue appears to be wide-spread, with angry complaints flooding the company’s social media pages from throughout the continental US. Some customers who have used the brand for years were quick to point out that the oddly-shaped cream was a new development. “I’ve used this product since 1989, and I’ve never seen it come out like this before,” wrote one long-time customer from Idaho.

The manufacturer of the controversial cream has remained tight-lipped for now, but one employee at the firm agreed to talk to our reporter under strict conditions of anonymity. “Sales have been softening for several quarters, and management wanted to find a way to pump up revenue.” The employee claimed the opening of the makeup tube was retooled to dispense the cream in an unusual manner to stimulate sales. “While we have seen a boost in sales since the redesign, I imagine that sustaining the growth will be hard.”