Archaeologists amazed after remarkable find below Utah house


An accidental discovery by a couple living at a property in Salt Lake City, UT is being hailed by respected archaeologists as ‘one of the most important of this century’. The homeowners were half-way through renovating their basement when their excavator broke through into a shallow cavern below the house.

“At first I was terrified that we’d dug too deep and opened up a sink hole,” revealed 37-year old Jim Becker, who has shared the Cottonwood Heights property with his wife Maria for the past 4 years. “However, we soon realized the cavity below our house must have been man-made.” The pair grabbed a lantern to investigate the unusual space further. “Brushing away the dirt we encountered a marble slab with inscribed with unfamiliar script,” said Maria. The couple were hesitant to disturb their find further and reached out to an old college friend who had a degree in archaeology. When he saw photos of the slab, he immediately contacted a team of respected archaeologists to investigate further.

“They brought a portable X-ray unit to determine what was below the slab,” said Jim “And the result was simply amazing: a pair of perfectly-preserved ancient skeletons entwined in a pose that resembles a dance.” The archaeologists noted the couple were likely an ancient Incan sacrifice to the gods, with signs that the pair had been poisoned by a curare-tipped arrow. “Certainly to find evidence of Incan habitation as far north as Utah is extraordinary in its own right, but to find such undamaged specimens is truly remarkable,” commented the lead archaeologist.