Hong Kong: Tourist uses selfie stick for a memorable holiday snap


Selfie sticks are incredibly popular devices for tourists, but one visitor to HK has snapped a memorable photo without a stitch of clothing that has attracted a lot of attention across social media.

In what is believed to be one of the first nude selfies widely released snapped by the popular hand-held devices, the photo received over 20,000 likes before it was mysteriously removed; the photographer and subject later posted to reveal they’d not meant to share that particular snap with the general public, but thanked well-wishers for their positive feedback. “Thanks all for the likes and comments on my selfie – it was actually meant for my boyfriend back home but I accidentally uploaded with the rest of my other pics” wrote the author. “For all those weird dudes offering to marry me or sending me unwanted photos of their junk, please stop. By the way, selfie sticks are awesome and I thoroughly recommend you get one!”

However, in a twist that we all should have seen coming, it was later revealed that the tourist is the owner of a major selfie stick manufacturer that is looking to expand into the HK market. Some critics have suggested the nude selfie ‘accidental upload’ may have just been an elaborate ploy for publicity. While that may be true, we’re guessing there won’t be too many complaints from those who saw the sexy selfie before it was removed.