Record Paris spree as expat’s French wife buys half of Avenue Montaigne


Shoppers and staff at boutiques along the famous Avenue Montaigne in Paris were shocked and amazed after one French woman, later revealed as the wife of a British expat, went on an epic shopping spree last Sunday afternoon. We’re still waiting on verification from the world record archives, but after the lady purchased EUR$253 million worth of products (and property) within 90 minutes it does appear she may be the new holder of the world shopping record.

According to a staff member at a luxury handbag label, the motivation behind the woman’s record-setting spree was simply boredom. The 31-year old is the wife of an expat banker at a top financial firm, and his hectic schedule means that he’s often away from home for 16+ hrs per day, regularly opting to sleep in his office rather than returning to the couple’s luxury 7th Arrondissement town house. “Staying at home by herself all day was driving her crazy,” said the staff member, who refused to be named. “So I guess she decided a bit of retail therapy was in order. I really do wonder what she plans to do with 96 handbags, though”. The shopping spree involved visits to many iconic Avenue Montaigne retailers, with vast quantities of perfume, cosmetics and clothing purchased. However, onlookers were stunned at what the woman did when she arrived at a nearby hotel. After a ten minute meeting with management she signed a cheque to purchase the entire complex for EUR$133 mn.

The woman’s husband was unavailable for comment, having been called to an urgent meeting last night in Pigalle (his secretary did mention to our reporter that he often had evening meetings scheduled in this area, although they never lasted more than 30 seconds).