Kreuzberg elevator named Berlin’s best nightclub for 2nd year running


For the second-straight year, an elevator at an apartment complex in the hipster-friendly Kreuzberg district has been awarded the title of “Berlin’s Best Nightclub” by a leading nightlife review website. During the day, the elevator, located at a 7-story building on Ritterstraße, is used for the rather mundane purpose of transporting residents between different floors. However, on Friday and Saturday nights the lift is transformed into a Trance/Techno club with a maximum capacity of 8 party goers.

Residents of the complex have been complaining to the building’s management for the past three years about the unwelcome nightclub; the elevator that is used is the only one in the building, and it’s most unfair for tenants who live on the top floor to have to pay the EUR50 cover charge on a Friday night just for taking the lift back to their apartment. However, management have pointed out that the venue is generating a lot of extra revenue for the building, and by 2043 they should have earned enough to install a second elevator. DJ Franky Fisch, who hosts the regular Friday Trance night at the Elevator Club, is optimistic on the prospects for the small venue. “We’re looking to expand the franchise to other unusual locations throughout Kreuzberg,” he said. “At this point I can’t reveal too much, although we’re currently in talks with the owner of a currywurst van on Köpenickestraße.”

The Elevator Club is not without some issues; the maximum capacity of 8 guests is heavily reliant on no morbidly-obese party goers turning up. “On one occasion we had an American gentleman show up who must’ve been at least 500 pounds,” recalled Mr Fisch. “I had to move half of my decks out of the lift so we didn’t max out the weight limit.” But despite the challenges, winning the title of ‘Berlin’s Best’ for a second year is sure to give the venue’s organizers the motivation to continue annoying the building’s tenants for years to come.