Glasgow purse snatcher returns bag containing 25p and haggis leftovers


Glasgow: An elderly lady taking a stroll along Sauchiehall Street was the victim of a brazen purse snatching on Saturday afternoon, although this burglary had a happy ending. The bandit who snatched Ms Elspeth McKenzie’s handbag returned it just moments later, passing it back to the 80-year old without further explanation.

As Ms McKenzie told our reporter, she was baffled but grateful that her purse was returned so quickly after the incident. “It came as quite a shock,” she said “I’ve had that bag since 1972 and I’m quite fond of it, so I’m glad he gave it back. For the life of me I can’t figure out why he went to so much trouble only to return it”. Perhaps the reason for the robber’s sudden change of heart had more to do with the contents of Ms McKenzie’s purse, rather than feeling guilty after the crime was committed. The victim described her bag as containing “loose change totaling 25 pence”, and “leftover haggis”, which she had been saving for an afternoon snack.

Ms McKenzie commented that the hoodlum was foolish to return her purse without taking the haggis. “He missed out on my great nan’s recipe, which has been passed down through many generations of McKenzies”, she told us. “I even had some neeps & tatties in there as well, he could’ve had a feast fit for a king!”