Edinburgh football match lasts 105 hours; final score: 774-707


Edinburgh: A football match that started at Ainslie Park last Saturday around lunch time has finally wrapped up at 10pm on Wednesday night, with the final score line an incredible 774 goals to 707.

The game was a successful record-breaking attempt organized by the Craig Gowans Memorial Fund. Gowans was tragically killed in a 2005 accident shortly after being signed to Falkirk, and the memorial fund setup in his honor has helped raise a lot of funds for worthy causes in recent years. The 105 hour match has apparently already raised over GBP80,000, according to a report by BBC News. Apart from the extra-long duration of the game, there were a few other tweaks to the rule book to allow the players some extra rest, with 7 substitutes for each team being permitted to swap places with the players an unlimited amount of times.

The money raised from the epic game will be used to provide funding for an Edinburgh children’s hospital. The previous world record for lengthy football matches of 102 hours was only set recently in June, by a team in Southampton.