Chip shop boss creates 2,000 calorie burger/kebab hybrid


Preston: If you’re having trouble deciding between a burger or kebab for dinner, then you’re in luck! The boss of a Lancashire chip shop has solved your dilemma in the unhealthiest way imaginable – by combining both types of food together, and deep frying them.

Who’s the genius behind this culinary monstrosity? None other than John Clarkson, boss of the appropriately named Mister Eaters fish and chip shop. Clarkson has named his creation the MacDoner, which is a fair chance to keep the legal team of a well-known burger joint busy for a while. The MacDoner is fairly straightforward – just take a burger (which looks suspiciously like a Big Mac), wrap it in raw lamb meat and then toss the whole creation into the deep fryer for a few minutes. To make it even less healthy (but definitely more Instagram-able), take two MacDoners and put them between two buns, and you’ve got one of the more recursive meals imaginable.

It's basically two Big Macs, wrapped in lamb & deep-fried, and then assembled into a mega Big Mac
It’s basically two Big Macs, wrapped in lamb & deep-fried, and then assembled into a mega Big Mac

If you’ve got your heart set on having the MacDoner for dinner, consider the 2,000-odd calories the dish involves, which is the daily recommended intake for an adult female – not to mention the 16g of salt (somewhere near 3 times the recommended amount). But that’s a small price to pay for a dish which creator Clarkson describes simply as ‘delicious’. Some of the chef’s other famous creations involve deep-fried Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and he even made a giant version of them – which at 10,000 calories makes the MacDoner seem healthy. And I swear this sounds like a load of bollocks, but apparently the dude has also invented ‘deep-fried alcoholic beverages’… In other news, the town’s cardiologist reports that business has never been better!

The Mirror has the full story if you want to see more of the shocking MacDoner pics – be warned, not a good thing to look at if you’re feeling peckish like I am right now.