A Russian woman killed in tragic selfie accident


Moscow: It’s depressing, but selfie-related deaths are becoming a trend. A 21-year-old Russian woman was the latest to perish in a string of fatal incidents involving the popular photographic craze.

The woman in question was with friends on a bridge in Moscow’s financial district and attempting to take a selfie when she tragically fell over the edge. Some sources have reported that the fence on the bridge was damaged which, if true, no doubt contributed to her fall. Authorities are yet to confirm or deny this rumor, and investigations are continuing. This follows another terrible selfie-related accident in Russia that occurred in May 2015 when a lady was seriously wounded after trying to take a photo with a pistol pointed at her head. The gun discharged and the victim was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

Fatal selfies are not just limited to Russia, with reports that a Singaporean tourist in Bali perished after falling off a cliff while trying to get the perfect shot. There was also a case involving a teenager in Romania who died in an attempt to get a very unique selfie – they posed on top of a train for the photo when they touched a live wire and were electrocuted. RT has all the details on the tragic selfie accidents.