Tributes for deceased Seoul English teacher after fan-death incident


Former students and colleagues of a English teacher in the South Korean capital gathered on Wednesday evening to pay tribute to the 26-year old British national, who tragically passed away on the weekend following a suspected fan-death incident.

The teacher, who has yet to be named, had reportedly been teaching English in Seoul since 2002. “He was a good teacher, and never set too much homework” declared one of the teacher’s former students as she gathered outside the man’s residence to lay flowers. She noted that she had warned him of the danger of using a fan at night. “During winter, I did not expect him to be using a fan, so I am unsure how this tragedy has occurred.” Expat colleagues of the deceased teacher also paid tribute to their former coworker and friend. “[Name redacted] was a solid unit, always good for a night out in Itaewon,” said a 31-year old American teacher, who had worked at the same hagwon as the victim. “How it is possible for a healthy 26-year old to pass away from a pedestal fan in his sleep is simply unbelievable. I don’t subscribe to the local theories regarding fan death.”

A late development in the case has caused a flurry of controversy across social media. According to a statement by the dead man’s Korean house mate, the fan may have actually been switched off on the night in question. “Instead, I believe a far more likely cause of death may have been his consumption of chilled water. Even in winter he insisted on drinking refrigerated water, despite my strict instructions to take lukewarm beverages only.”



  1. “A” English teacher – I hope his English is better than this reporter’s! Seriously, he was 26 and reportedly teaching since 2002… that is 14 years ago, making him 12 years old when he started… get your facts straight, reporter. This story is beyond awful.