Tourists descend on Desker Rd after printing error in SG guide book


Hundreds of confused tourists have been arriving at Singapore’s Desker Rd after a printing error by a popular guide book publisher mixed up the shady address with that of the city’s premier budget shopping destination, Bugis St.

“Desker Rd is the place to find Singapore’s best bargains” began the guide book’s erroneous article. “Whether you’re looking for a unique souvenir for your friends back home or hoping to sample some delicious tropical fruits, Desker Rd has it all!” The article continued with “The best part about a trip to Desker Rd is that it’s very friendly on the wallet – you can get plenty of bargains for under SG$10 if you shop around, and you can often haggle for a better price on outdated merchandise.” One final section encouraged readers to take advantage of the fruit stalls in the area “Don’t be shy, ask the vendors for a taste of their exotic fruits before making up your mind.”

While the majority of tourists were unimpressed with the mix-up, there was at least a positive outcome for one group of male visitors from Europe. “We got dragged along because one of our friends wanted to buy some souvenirs,” commented a member of the group. “Instead, we ended up getting a great deal on some nuts & fruit, and at much better prices than what we usually pay in Geylang!” Another of Singapore’s famous streets has been in the news recently, with reports that a dog was spotted taking three pet humans for a walk along Orchard Rd last weekend.