Tokyo diner banned from body sushi eatery; model cried “That’s not tuna!”


One male diner’s confusion between a tasty morsel of seafood and a vital part of the female anatomy has earned him a lifetime ban from a famous 女体盛り (Nyotaimori) restaurant in Tokyo’s Minato district. Nyotaimori involves the serving sushi on the body of a nude female model, although there are some restaurants that offer my personal favorite, Nantaimori, which involves a nude male model.

As reported by Japanese-language newspaper, メロンクロニクル, the male diner involved in the mix-up was a 52-year old foreign national who is employed in the anti-money laundering department of a Tokyo financial firm. The man, along with many of his colleagues, were at the restaurant to celebrate closing a three-year investigation into money laundering activities at Japanese convenience stores. It is alleged the group consumed a large amount of whisky at a nearby bar prior to their dinner, which may have been a contributing factor in the unfortunate case of mistaken identity. During the meal, the co-workers tried to engage the model in lewd conversation – a strict no-no at most Nyotaimori venues – and reportedly attempted to use a selfie stick to get a photo of the experience (the venue’s management were quick to confiscate the item and warn the group that they were testing their welcome).

However, it was the apparent mix-up between a sliver of tuna and a mouthful of clam that led to the whole group being ejected from the restaurant and the 52-year old receiving his lifetime ban. According to an eye-witness account, the man “reached forward with his chopsticks and… [appeared to be] selecting a nice piece of salmon. However, at the last moment he switched course and instead prodded the model’s [oyster taco]… Needless to say, the woman cried out several obscenities in Japanese and fled the dining room”. In unrelated news, another foreigner in Japan has made headlines recently after being fired for filming his boss doing the dirty deed with a new secretary.