The latest trend sweeping Singapore – who’s up for some Strip Mahjong?


Mahjong has long been a popular game in Singapore, but in recent years there has been a decline in the participation rates of the younger generation. However, a new trend is sweeping the nation, evidenced by social media posts with the #StripMahjong hashtag starting to pop up in the thousands since the beginning of CNY 2016.

The game was invented in January of this year by a group of four Singaporean students, namely Angela (23), Venus (22), Cheryl (25) and Mike (24). “We actually stole the idea from a Japanese film titled Strip Mahjong,” revealed Mike, “It’s a B-grade horror film, but it gave us the idea that we could adapt it to a real game of mahjong.” The group demonstrated the rules of the game for our reporter (although our photographer was not allowed to attend the session). “Basically the rules are the same as a standard game of Singaporean mahjong,” explained Angela, “But instead of handing over money if you lose, you have to remove an item of clothing.” The first round of the game began, with Cheryl as the dealer. After Venus discarded a 3 of Characters a few minutes later, Mike exclaimed “Mahjong!” and grabbed it, winning the round. “Not fair,” cried Venus, as she removed her skirt. “Mike always wins,” sulked Cheryl.

The game continued in a remarkably consistent fashion, with Mike winning every round and also racking up several of the extremely-rare heavenly hands (where a player wins on their first turn). “Unbelievable!” cried Angela as she reluctantly removed her bra. “You must be the luckiest guy ever,” commented Venus, as she attempted to shield her bamboo set from Mike’s gaze. It was at this point our reporter noticed a suspicious bulge in Mike’s jeans, and accused him of cheating by stashing spare tiles in his pocket. However, Mike quickly dropped his pants to reassure the girls he wasn’t hiding anything, with the only exception of a large cockerel tile.