The amazing Singaporean feast on offer for Presidents Xi & Ma


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’d know that today was the historic meeting between President Ma of little Taiwan and President Xi of big Taiwan.

More importantly though, what will these two leaders be eating for dinner after an exhausting day of two-minute long handshakes and fierce negotiations over how to address one another? The menu for tonight’s banquet is a closely guarded secret, but we consulted a local Singaporean psychic for her predictions on what would be featured on the menu. Her responses included a number of classic Singapore-style favourites, and also a few surprisingly unconventional choices. Provided below is her psychic prediction for the menu that will be enjoyed by these two powerful statesmen.

Entrée: Durian-stuffed Bak Chang. Bak Chang, or 肉粽, is typically a glutinous rice dumpling, stuffed filled with pork, mushrooms and stewed egg. To add a unique Singaporean flavour, however, I imagine the chefs preparing tonight’s banquet will add a secret ingredient: durian.

Soup: Pig’s Brain Soup. Just in case these two leaders needed even more brain power, the serving of a delicious Pig’s Brain Soup is just the ticket to help increase their grey matter. The dish is a spicy, meaty broth, perfect to help soothe the soreness from a 70-minute handshake.

Main: Chilli Crab with Oyster Omelette. Two of Singapore’s most loved dishes would be the perfect choice to welcome the leaders of Taiwan to the city state. Oyster Omelette is already a favourite recipe in little Taiwan, so President Ma would feel right at home.

Dessert: Durian Ice-cream cake. If the honoured guests didn’t receive enough in their appetizer, durian may return in the sweet’s course to make sure they realize they’re dining in Singapore. A pungent, earthy aroma will help calm the nerves after a busy day of negotiating the peace agreement between big & little Taiwan.

After such a feast, the two leaders may be too stuffed to check out Singapore’s nightlife and be forced to call it an early night, which would be a shame as they’d miss out on a surprise or two in Geylang.