Teenager killed in gunfight over bubble tea girl


Taoyuan: A gun battle over the affections of an attractive bubble tea shop girl has led to one death, and multiple injuries, according to a report by the China Post.

Two groups were involved in the shootout, with a 19-year-old victim passing away from gunshot wounds. Two other teens were injured during the skirmish, having been shot in the shoulder and foot, respectively. Both are receiving emergency treatment in hospital. According to police, the rival groups were fighting over a waitress who works at a local bubble tea shop. Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, with the drink quickly spreading overseas and finding fame worldwide. Gun violence is fairly uncommon in Taiwan, with the most recent data from 2008 suggesting guns are involved in only 0.6 homicides per 100,000 people annually. There has recently been an uptick in gang violence in the nation, and no doubt this latest episode will lead to a stronger police crackdown on gang-related activities.

This may be the first serious crime bubble tea has been implicated in
This may be the first serious crime bubble tea has been implicated in

There have been multiple examples of violent crime committed by jealous perpetrators in Taiwan in recent times. In 2014, a man in the city of Changhua was arrested after brutally attacking his girlfriend when he learned that she had been courted by another man. The grisly details of the crime are not for the fainthearted. One of the worst examples of a mass shooting in Taiwan was also believed to be related to jealousy, which occurred in 1959 and left 10 dead. Despite these sensational cases, Taiwan is generally recognized as being a very safe country and the crime rate is relatively low by international standards.

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