Super Chope! Singapore startup sells jumbo tissue pack for hawker tables


A pair of canny entrepreneurs in Singapore have captured local headlines with the launch of their Super Chope over-sized tissue pack. Hawker centres across the nation are rushing to stock the item at their eateries, and production is struggling to keep up with demand for the jumbo tissues.

The unusual product was the result of a frustrating night spent by the pair trying to find a free table at their favourite hawker centre. “The place was packed and I was shagged out,” said Jessica, one-half of the brains behind the Super Chope startup. “We could see a few tables in the middle that looked free, but by the time we pushed through the crowd we realized they’d already been chope-d with a small half-used pack of tissue.” The disappointment took a heavy toll on Jessica and her co-inventor, Mark. “It was pretty frustrating to waste all that time while we were starving. I said to Jess that it’d be so much easier if someone invented a bigger pack of tissues for chope-ing.” Jessica agreed with the idea, and when the pair eventually found a table they started to jot down their ideas for Super Chope, ironically on a piece of discarded tissue.

Fast-forward six months and Super Chope has been launched to rave reviews across Singapore’s hawker centres. “Wa kao! This tissue is shiok man!” exclaimed one eater, “now I can chope in style!” Sales of the jumbo tissues are beating initial forecasts, with diners apparently unfazed by the steep price of SG$25 per pack. “We’ve sold 20,000 units in our first week,” revealed Mark, which works out to total revenue of SG$500k. Jessica had other good news to share. “We’re now working on a new product, Super Chope Mini, which is the perfect size to chope a seat for your handbag.” When our journalist noted that would be the same size as a regular pack of tissues, the interview was abruptly terminated.