Singapore food blogger’s meal ruined after camera battery dies


One of Singapore’s most popular food bloggers was reportedly devastated and unable to eat her meal at a new restaurant in Novena last Saturday after her camera battery went flat. The incident occurred at a special event being held at the restaurant before it opens to the general public next week, with many of Singapore’s food-blogging elite in attendance.

“When the entrée of pork belly with durian and truffles arrived, we all took out our cameras to snap a photo,” commented Mr Leyland Ong, a 24-year old blogger who also attended the event. “However, I noticed the young lady at the end of the table was having some trouble with her camera so I offered to help.” Mr Ong inspected the camera, and determined that the battery had gone completely flat. “She sobbed that she had taken over 2,000 photos of the restaurant interior prior to the food being served, which I established as the cause of the flat battery.” With the popular food blogger reduced to tears, she was unable to eat any of the delicious entrée, and sent it back to the kitchen untouched. “It was really a waste,” noted Mr Ong, who thoroughly enjoyed the combination of truffles and durian. “The next course was even better, with the chef making a chili crab bak kut teh, but again the lady didn’t even take one bite.” Mr Ong mentioned that she shoved a chunk of crab into the camera’s battery slot to try and make an improvised power source, but it failed to have any effect.

Eventually the head chef of the restaurant came out to chat with the bloggers and tried to console the young lady, who didn’t sample any of the dessert course, pandan-infused popiah. “The poor girl was just unable to function without her camera,” noted the chef, who has observed a worrying trend in many Singapore restaurants recently. “The last restaurant I worked at, we tried implementing a ban on cameras and phones at the table, but our sales fell 70%.”

However, Mr Ong was able to cheer the girl up eventually, after pointing out she didn’t have to post real photos from the event on her blog. “I said to her, if that guy won a free trolley bag with his photoshopped plane pic, you could just take a few photos of random food down at the hawker centre and post them!” The new restaurant will launch on Feb 28, and the first 50 diners to make a booking will receive one free packet of Super Chope tissues.