Seoul club apologizes after local man turned away for “looking too foreign”


A Korean man who was turned away from a popular Seoul nightclub last Friday night for allegedly “looking too foreign” has received a full apology from the venue’s management after the incident. The club has come under fire on social media for implementing a strict no-foreigner policy in recent months.

The 28-year old Korean man involved in the recent incident took to social media to complain after reportedly being banned from entering the club, despite the fact he could speak fluent Korean and provided a Korean national ID card (the bouncer rejected this as an elaborate fake). The banned patron pressed the bouncer for further information as to why foreigners were not allowed into the club, and was reportedly told that “Foreigners might get into a fight. And if they don’t fight, they’ll definitely grope some Korean girls. Sorry, no foreigners allowed, or I’ll lose my job!” Seething with rage, the Korean man wrote about his experience on Facebook, receiving over 3,000 likes within the next 24 hours and stimulating a healthy discussion on the racist policies that some business owners can get away with in the country.

The following night, the Korean man returned to the nightclub with his birth certificate, his parents and twenty three members of the 깡패 wielding baseball bats and machetes. The bouncers reportedly urinated in their designer trousers before letting the whole group into the club, where they were treated to a complimentary VIP table with unlimited bottles of Cristal. The manager of the club issued both a written and verbal apology for the mistake, blaming the overzealous bouncers for the error after they’d mistakenly let a mixed Korean/American patron into the venue the previous week.