No extra charge after used condom found in luxury Kuala Lumpur hotel


Guests at a leading KL hotel in the Malaysian capital were left dumbfounded after making a shocking discovery inside their king-sized bed shortly after checking in. Nestled underneath one of the goose feather pillows was a most unpleasant surprise: a used condom, filled with what appeared to be a generous amount of semen.

“I was absolutely disgusted after I lifted up the pillow and saw the condom,” commented the male tourist, who refused to be named. “I’m just grateful to have found it before I went to bed.” The man’s wife was equally appalled at the bizarre discovery. “I once stayed at a hotel in Malawi that had bed bugs, but this takes things to a whole new level.” Enraged, the couple immediately presented at the front desk to make a complaint to the manager. “We were kept waiting for almost one hour as the boss was in a meeting with a toilet paper supplier,” revealed the male tourist. His partner added “The staff at the desk were very rude and didn’t make any attempt to apologise.”

Eventually the hotel manager summoned the couple to his office to discuss the matter. “My staff have briefed me on the condom you found,” he began “Now, in most cases, I would be forced to add this to your bill. However, as you are both members of our loyalty card program I’ve decided to waive the extra charges of 69 RM that would normally be due in this case.”