Mixed reactions after Geylang brothel offers loyalty card discounts


A popular brothel in Singapore’s Geylang district has recently made headlines after offering an unusual loyalty program. Customers at the venue are being issued with a cheekily-titled ‘Come Again Card’, and each session earns them loyalty points which can be redeemed for complimentary services on their next visit.

“We were concerned that business might decline given the economic headwinds,” noted the brothel’s manager. “During the last global financial crisis in 2009, we observed a 69% decline in net revenue. Our product mix was affected with customers purchasing less of our high-margin special services.” With the threat of a fresh market plunge on the horizon, the brothel decided to implement the stimulus package to improve customer stickiness. “We are offering 500 points for short visits, 1,000 points for long visits and 10,000 points for our special golden kukubird package,” revealed the manager. “Customers can then redeem the points for free services once they reach a balance of 10 points.” Feedback from customers has been uniformly positive, with many praising the brothel’s attempts to offset the impact of the slowing economy. “I was worried I’d have to tighten the purse strings and cut back my visits to Geylang to once per month,” revealed one customer. “However, the new program is so generous, I’m now able to visit daily!”

While the brothel’s clients have been raving about the changes, not everybody is so happy with the new policy. “I haven’t had a day off since they started this stupid scheme,” revealed one of the venue’s employees. Feedback from other parties was equally negative, with one wife commenting: “I haven’t seen my husband in three weeks!”

There are unconfirmed reports that the loyalty scheme may soon be adopted by businesses on Desker Rd. However, as the owner of one brothel on that street noted “There isn’t quite as much demand for our golden kukubird package.”