Man sells car after snake spotted in glovebox

Snakes on a drive train

Taipei:¬†A man in Taiwan has searched every square inch of his family’s vehicle for a snake that was spotted lounging in the glovebox, but after the search turned up no sign of the reptile he opted to sell the car to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The man and his family were off for a drive in to Yilan last weekend when the driver spotted a black snake’s tail peeking out of the glove compartment. Not wanting to alarm his wife and daughter, the driver pretended that he hadn’t witnessed the scary creature and continued on with their journey. The snake then reportedly slithered deeper into the car, well out of sight. The man took the car to a local fire department, where the staff sprayed the vehicle with an assortment of chemicals to try and dispatch the snake. The dashboard was taken apart and the engine compartment was searched, but no sign of the slippery interloper was discovered.

As the Taipei Times reports, the driver then decided a trip to the auto repair shop would be help¬†dismantle the car further to try and find the snake. However, he reportedly decided this would not be worth the effort and instead asked the shop to sell the vehicle instead. There’s no word on whether or not the advertisement for the used car featured any mention of the potentially poisonous extra feature.