Malaysian girl banned from Hanoi club after stuffing bra with bánh mì


A popular Tràng Tiền nightlife venue in the Vietnamese capital has come under fire on social media after reports a female Malaysian tourist received a ban from the nightclub. The ban was in relation to a very unusual incident that allegedly occurred last Friday night, involving one of the nation’s most infamous foods being used in a rather creative way.

According to a witness who was at the scene, the 24-year old Malaysian national received a lot of attention on the dance floor early in the evening, mainly from men. “Without wanting to sound crass, she had incredible cleavage,” said the witness, who refused to be named. “It’s kinda rare to see such a sight in Hanoi’s nightclubs, so she certainly stood out. I personally snapped a few shots on my handphone.” With all the attention, the Malaysian girl was soon approached by a number of suitors, including one Swedish man who ordered her a bottle of rice wine. The alcohol must have loosened the inhibitions of the pair, as our witness reported they returned to the dance floor and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. “It was quite a sight to see, I nearly spilled my drink when I saw him put his hand up her skirt,” said the witness.

However, party goers were in for a big shock just minutes later when the pungent aroma of BBQ pork and lemongrass filled the club. “All of a sudden, the Swedish man ran from the dance floor holding his nose, and I was stunned to see the girl’s cleavage had disappeared.” A squashed bánh mì was later found on the ground, weighing in at 800g. “It would appear the Malaysian lady had stuffed her bra with the sandwich,” commented the witness “Why she would do such a thing is hard to say, although it did make for a pretty convincing fake cleavage.”