Kuala Lumpur expat fired after switching KTV microphone with penis


An Italian expat employed at a financial firm on Jalan Ampang in the Malaysian capital has been given the sack after a bizarre incident at an office KTV party last Friday night. The 33-year old, known only as Mr Cazzo, reportedly handed a female co-worker what she thought was the microphone, but upon closer inspection the object turned out to be Cazzo’s package.

In addition to being fired, Cazzo’s ego was no doubt bruised when his female co-worker revealed how easy it was to detect the fake microphone. “I knew it wasn’t real almost immediately because it was so small,” said the worker, who (no surprise) asked not to be identified. “I was shocked at first, but then I couldn’t help but laugh because I’ve never seen such a tiny butoh”. Cazzo’s bosses didn’t find the situation funny at all, immediately firing the financial analyst on the grounds of sexual harassment. The firm’s HR team warned all other gents in the office that blatant abuse will not be tolerated, implying that subtle harassment will continue to be accepted.

Cazzo himself had little to say when confronted by our journalist at his Kenny Hills townhouse, other than blaming the incident on the copious amounts of whisky mixed with green tea he had enjoyed throughout the night, leading him to mistakenly believe he was at the ‘Special KTV’ instead of his office party. However, Cazzo has been offered a lifeline which may allow him to remain in Kuala Lumpur, with his wealthy neighbour offering him a construction job to rebuild his accidentally-demolished mansion.