Koreas annual English teachers test reveals 70% failed apostrophe’s


The result’s are in for the 2016 South Korean English Teachers test, and hagwon’s across the country are reeling after it was revealed that only 30% of teacher’s passed the exams apostrophes component.

Head of the South Korean English Teachers Union, Francois Babineaux, voiced his disappointment on the poor showing by the majority of teacher’s in South Korean institution’s. “Truly it is pitiful that only 3 out of every 10 teacher’s are able to use apostrophe’s correctly.” wrote Mr Babineaux in a typed statement, “We owe it to the youth of South Korea to ensure we are giving them the best education’s possible.” According to Mr Babineaux, the test is aimed at highlighting the area’s where teacher’s need to improve their English skill’s. “Many hagwon’s have asked us to share with them the result’s of the test, but we always decline, as we are worried that half the teacher’s in Korea would be sacked if the true scores were revealed.”

However, the news wasn’t all bad, as Mr Babineaux revealed there were two areas of the test where Koreas English teacher’s excelled. “This year we added two new section’s to the test, and I’m pleased to report that our teacher’s recorded 100% pass rates in both.” When asked for further information on what the new components were that the teacher’s had performed so strongly in, Mr Babineaux declined to confirm the rumour’s that they were related to “soju tolerance” and “Korean pick-up line ability’s”.