KL restaurant quickly removes “Free Pork” sign after typo discovered


A popular eatery in Kuala Lumpur’s Bukit Bintang district has moved swiftly to apologise after a number of signs with an unfortunate typo were discovered by diners at the business. According to the restaurant’s owner, the signs had been intended to read “Pork-Free”, but a mix-up at the printing shop switched the words around, changing the meaning completely and leaving many customers furious.

“I saw the ‘Free Pork’ signs so I immediately ordered 3 bowls of bak kut teh,” wrote one angry diner on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “However, when the bill came I was charged for both, a total of 72RM! The pork was not free at all.” Another customer shared their frustration that they only saw the ‘Free Pork’ signs after placing their order for nasi goreng. “I called the waitress immediately to change my order to pork but she said it was too late; the chef had already cracked the egg.”

With the post quickly going viral, it wasn’t long before netizens questioned why the restaurant was putting up ‘Pork-Free’ signs anyway, as the eatery clearly had pork on the menu, given the restaurant’s famous bak kut teh recipe. The owner of the business later made a stunning admission: the ‘pork’ inside the bak kut teh was actually chicken that had been dyed with red food colouring to take on the appearance of the forbidden meat.

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