KL expat caught out after Malaysian wife installed GPS in his anus


A 37-year old French national married to a Malaysian woman has been caught cheating in bizarre circumstances in Kuala Lumpur last weekend. According to reports from local media outlets, the man’s secret affair with his secretary was exposed by his wife after she tracked a GPS signal from a device she had hidden in her husband’s anus.

Sources close to the pair revealed the wife had grown suspicious of her husband frequently returning late to their Mont Kiara condominium, claiming he’d been stuck in meetings at his role with an investment consultancy. “He would often return home well past 1am, and his wife noticed the aroma of perfume on several occasions,” revealed the source. Lacking hard evidence, the woman turned to the internet for help, asking a popular online forum for Malaysian wives of expats for advice. Several ladies recommended installing a GPS device inside the man’s car and tracking the location, but one commenter suggested taking things further. “A GPS in his car will only show you where the car is,” wrote one expat’s wife. “If you want to really find out where he is, you need to hide the unit in his body.”

Further discussion by the group suggested the anus was the most promising area for secreting the GPS unit, and the wife reported back that she’d successfully hidden the device in her husband’s bottom by passing it off as an anal suppository. The following evening, the woman tracked her husband’s location to the address of his secretary, where the GPS tracker showed frenzied movement for a total of 15 seconds.

When interviewed by a local newspaper, the journalist was surprised to see the wife grinning. “I am obviously disappointed that my worst fears were confirmed,” she said, before adding “However, buying a GPS with a self-destruct feature was a wise investment.”