Is this the most delicious hamburger in all of South Korea?


Burger fans in South Korea’s southern city of Busan will be celebrating the news that a leading food magazine has awarded one local restaurant as their choice for the best burgers in the country.

탄력 버거 (Tanlyeog Beogeo) opened up back in 2011 and has delighted locals and plenty of visitors to the seaside city with their range of delicious burgers, fries and shakes. But a secret menu known only to the most hard-core burger aficionados was the driver behind 탄력 버거  receiving the title of Korea’s finest. “It’s a real secret,” said Mr Kym, owner of the hamburger restaurant. “Basically it involves our burgers being served on a special serving platter to really enhance the flavour and aesthetics of the dish.” When asked about rumours that this ‘serving platter’ somehow involved his 25 year old daughter, Mr Kym angrily denied the allegations. “That is simply untrue, she has nothing to do with that at all, and she hasn’t worked at the restaurant since 2014.”

One local diner who refused to be named commented that he’s tried the top secret burger that is behind the restaurant’s success. “I can say it’s definitely spicy, but that’s all I am willing to reveal.” Diners hoping to sample the critically acclaimed dish will need to have deep pockets, with our sauce revealing it’s priced at a mouth-watering ₩9 million.