Indian milk crate bandits strike again; 50,000 stolen this year


Chennai: While they may not be particularly valuable items, milk crates in eastern India are a prime target for thieves, with an average of 300 reported stolen per day so far this year.

As reported by the Times of India, thousands of the containers are reported missing each month, and the local milk dealers association is fed up with the lack of action by authorities. Despite gathering CCTV footage of the bandits and passing it on to the city’s police, there has been no progress in stemming the flood of milk crate robberies this year. Deputy commissioner of police P Saravanan has advised the milk dealers to try and take better care of their prized crates, suggesting they are chained up when stored outdoors to deter would-be burglars.

Police are reportedly launching random inspections of any vehicles carrying the crates to try and track down the milk-loving rascals. Thus far the investigation remains at a dead end, but with 50,000 of the crates stolen thus far in 2015 it surely won’t be long before the dealers are reunited with their precious containers.