Hong Kong wedding ruined after groom caught inside bridesmaid


Guests at an opulent wedding in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay were left stunned after the event was abruptly called off without any explanation. Several witnesses have since come forward to reveal that the reason for the cancellation was the discovery of the groom in a compromising situation with one of the three bridesmaids.

According to one guest, who has declined to be identified, the husband-to-be had earlier engaged in an act of infidelity with one of his fiancée’s friends several months prior to the wedding ceremony. “She was quite furious, as you can imagine, and wanted to call off the wedding. However, he managed to console her with the gift of an expensive handbag worth over HK$120,000, and she agreed to go ahead with the marriage.” The future groom was on his best behaviour in the months leading up to the ceremony, accompanying his partner to all the dress fittings and rehearsals without complaint. “He was really trying hard to make up for his earlier mistake.”Unfortunately for the bride-to-be, her fiancé was unable to make it all the way to the alter without one final fling, and his choice of timing and location could not have been worse.

“I had arrived early at the church to help with the decorations,” revealed the witness. “And I happened to hear some strange noises coming from the vestry.” An inspection of the chamber revealed a shocking sight. “I swung upon the door to see the back of the groom, and he appeared to be quite deep within the bridesmaid at the time.” The witness immediately reported her findings to the bride, who uttered some colourful curse words before clobbering her fiancé over the head repeatedly with the designer bag. The man, who is a male model by profession, had recently been involved with a fashion show in Mong Kok which has also made headlines for all the wrong reasons.