Hong Kong couple dismayed after DNA test proves they are twins


It’s been a terrible 28th birthday for a Hong Kong couple after a DNA test revealed the lovers were in fact twin brother and sister. The pair had received a birthday gift of a DNA test by one of their friends who had constantly joked the pair closely resembled each other. “I always used to say that they must be related, because they look so similar,” revealed Leung Ho Man, who has been friends with the pair since they started dating in 2011.

Mr Leung decided a novelty DNA test would be the perfect gift for the couple, but he had no idea the results would come back as a perfect match. “At first they thought I was pulling their leg and it was an elaborate prank, but they later went to a medical clinic and had an official test which confirmed the bad news.” Records accessed by the couple revealed they were adopted out to two different sets of foster parents shortly after birth, after their real parents were tragically killed in a yum cha accident in 1988. Since that time, the pair were raised by different families just a few streets apart in Hong Kong’s Sam Shui Po district, completely unaware that they had an identical twin.

The couple’s joint birthday party was an awkward affair, especially after they opened the gift from their mutual friend, Tam Ka Yin. “If I had known in advance, then I definitely would have reconsidered gifting them durian-flavoured condoms,” Ms Tam explained.