Global expat satisfaction survey reveals surprising winner


The results from the 2015 Tubble Data Expat Satisfaction Survey are out, and one country has performed surprisingly well, rising from a ranking of 34th in 2014 to beat off a number of rivals and take out the top prize in this year’s poll. That nation is South Korea, and expats living in this country reported a 98.4% satisfaction rating with their lives, far superior to the 82.3% recorded by second-placed Finland (and, unsurprisingly, 10 times higher than the result posted by North Korea).

“The satisfaction score was particularly high from male expats in South Korea,” noted Tubble Data CEO Fred Hammerston “We actually didn’t have any female expats responding to the survey who are based in South Korea, but we had several thousand men who voted and their feedback is overwhelmingly positive.” Addressing criticism that some new questions added to the poll this year were ‘overly personal’, Mr Hammerston noted that the survey had been criticized in past years for not providing enough detail. “We previously didn’t probe expats enough, but the new questions really seek to gain an understanding of their personal lives and what’s most important to them. I agree that the question on love motel quality was a little risqué.”

Female respondents were concerned about broad range of issues when selecting which country as their destination. “We found female expats placed a high priority on safety, cultural experiences and career development,” commented Mr Hammerston. “In contrast, 74.2% of men who participated rated their main concern in selecting a new country as ‘attractiveness of local women'”.