Foreigner fired from Fukuoka firm for filming founder’s foreplay


A 26-year old American working for a Kyushu technology company has received the sack after allegedly filming his boss in it. According to reports from Japanese-language newspaper, 桃毎年, the employee was terminated last Friday after the company’s founder discovered the man using his iPhone to record a secret liaison between the boss and a recently-employed secretary.

The sacked worker has protested the dismissal, claiming he was merely filming the event in order to report the incident to the HR department. “I arrived at work a couple of hours earlier than usual to finish off a hard project I’d been handed,” said the US national, who refused to be named. “So when I saw there was a light on in the bosses office I thought I’d pop my head in and say おはよう. However, as I approached his door I heard moaning and saw a pair of high heels outside.” The American then pushed the door open slightly and was shocked to see his boss engaged in a sexual act with the office’s new secretary. “Thankfully most of the cheeky bits were already pixelated, but I still saw a lot more anus than what I’d like to at 5:30 in the morning.”

Shocked at seeing such an obvious case of sexual harassment, the former employee withdrew his iPhone to film the workplace rumpy pumpy. “I wanted to report it to HR, and definitely wasn’t planning on keeping it for any personal use,” said the man. In an attempt to get a better angle, the worker pushed the door open an inch further. The frantic couple were disturbed by this intrusion and immediately ceased copulating, shouting at the unwelcome guest to “オフ性交!” before bowing and saying “すみません”.