First date ruined after SG man jacks off at steamboat restaurant


Despite a promising start to a first date, a young man from Jurong West is unlikely to receive a second after making a bad decision at a local steamboat restaurant. The 22-year old was dining with a 20-year old female from Novena at the restaurant, and it is reported that the pair had initially met through a dating app.

In a post shared on social media, the man explained the circumstances that lead to the unusual incident. “I messaged the girl and asked if she would take dinner with me, and she accepted!” he wrote. “She loves steamboat so I suggested we meet at a restaurant near my house on Tuesday night.” The man posted screenshots of his conversation with the girl, and she seemed eager for the upcoming date, sending several winking-eye emojis. When the pair met outside the restaurant, the man described his surprise that the girl was even more beautiful in real life than her dating app photos suggested. “I was stunned, normally girls you meet online turn out to be fatty bom boms in person, but she was at least an 8, maybe a 9 [out of 10]”. The date was off to a great start with the girl laughing at the young man’s jokes and commending him on his choice of restaurant. “She really enjoyed her steamboat, I was struggling to keep up with her and I usually dominate the buffet.”

The man's friends recommending using Durian XXL
The man’s friends recommending using Durian XXL

As the night progressed, the man grew increasingly confident, to the point where he summoned up the courage to ask his date if she wanted to accompany him to a motel after the meal. Surprisingly, she accepted. “Oh crap, I didn’t know what to do!’ wrote the man, revealing on the post that he was actually a virgin. “When the girl went to the bathroom, I messaged my friends for some advice.” A screenshot of the man’s group chat reveals some of the advice shared by his friends, including suggestions of nearby motels and what type of condom to use. However, it was one piece of bad advice that led to the man’s downfall.

“If you don’t want to disappoint her should pak chiu cheng first lah,” wrote one of the man’s friends in the group chat, and the other members agreed. Witnesses at nearby tables were shocked to observe the young man taking the advice right there at the table, although due to poor aim he missed the napkin and landed most of his sauce into the steamboat pot. “It was at this moment I saw the girl returning, so I quickly zipped my fly and acted cool,” wrote the man. “I asked her if she was ready to go, but she just wanted one more bowl of the soup. So while I didn’t end up getting another date, the night wasn’t a complete loss.”